It’s easy to be tempted to start your construction project right away. That’s because many people believe that starting earlier means they will complete their project sooner. However, that’s not how things work when it comes to building a house. To ensure the successful completion of your project, you should follow these steps. 

  1. Pick an Experienced Design Professional 

To understand the scope of the work to be done and come up with a detailed plan, you should hire an interior designer or an architect. In some cases, you may want to work with both professionals. Different construction companies do things differently. Therefore, decide whether to work with an architect or an interior designer. Pick an experienced professional to get the best results. 

  1. Come up with a Plan 

Once you’ve chosen a designer or an architect, come up with a plan for your building. A plan is called a schematic design and it is usually a rough layout. This shows the floor plan and some views of the house exterior. 

  1. Interview Contractors 

Once you have a plan for your dream house, move on to hiring a contractor. A contractor should estimate your schematic design and provide estimates for the construction project. This can take time and you should talk to different contractors. 

  1. Shop for Materials 

Go shopping for the construction materials after receiving the estimates and picking a contractor. You can purchase things like windows, doorknobs, light fixtures, and countertops. Your contractor can guide you to ensure that you purchase the right materials. 

  1. Obtain Construction Permits 

The time required to obtain construction permits depends on the project’s scope and location. It can take months, a day, or a year. Nevertheless, knowing the duration that the process of obtaining a permit will take will enable you to know the possible start date for the project. 

  1. Start the Construction Project 

Once you submit your construction plans to obtain the permits and purchase the required materials, your chosen contractor should provide detailed pricing and come up with a contract. You may want to perform value engineering if the materials’ costs are more than what was budgeted for. The longer-lead items like windows, cabinets, doors, electrical and plumbing fixtures should be identified before signing a contract. 

These steps can take 4 to 6 months or more. However, the planning process may take longer but it enables you to complete your construction project without any hassles.