How to Apply Lean Thinking in Construction

Over the last few decades, productivity has been declining in the construction industry globally. One of the best ways to improve this situation is through the use of lean construction. This technique arises from the use of new production management methods in construction. 

More often, the focus of contractors is on the use of certain procedures or tools to boost efficiency. However, lean construction is not a simple step-by-step process. It’s a philosophy. As such, the application of lean methods and ideas at every organization level and construction stage is the best way to enjoy its full benefits. 

Features of Lean Construction 

Some of the major features of lean construction are: 

  • Clear objectives for every delivery process 
  • Concurrent design 
  • Focus on maximizing performance at every project level 
  • Project control throughout its life cycle from the design stage to delivery 

Several professionals and construction academics have stormed the ramparts of conventional management in the construction industry with an effort on better value delivery to owners and making profits. Consequently, the current market has several lean-based tools. Complex and simple construction projects have used these tools successfully. 

Why Lean Construction Project? 

The management of lean construction projects is easier. What’s more, these projects are completed sooner and are safer. They also cost less and their quality is better. But, significant research is required to make lean thinking effective in the construction industry. 

It’s only through research that lean construction principles and methods can be implemented to minimize waste and increase profits without compromising quality. For instance, builders should focus on the planner system that enhances the application of lean construction methods and concepts. Evaluation methods should also be developed or improved based on different principles for the lean approach in construction. 

Nevertheless, the proper application of lean thinking in construction can boost productivity, minimize wastes, and yield quality results.