Once you decide to embark on a construction project, there are things you should talk about with your contractor before shovels and hammers start to fly. Having a candid conversation with your contractor will ensure that you are on the same page.

Here are some of the things to talk about with your contractor according to Mr. Sims from Southwest Appliance Repair:

Work Schedule

There are standard working hours for most companies. They may vary depending on the project, the contractor, and location. Ensure that you understand the work schedule of your project to know what to expect and when. Also talk about having a well-written contract signed by both of you.

Trash, Recycling, and Parking

Depending on the location of your property or project, parking may be available or unavailable. Neighbors can be a territorial for parking spots. You can even need a permit from relevant authorities. You might also need special equipment or dumpsters depending on your location and project type. Therefore, discuss how trash will be handled, recycling and parking with the contractor.

Security and Access

Talk with your contractor about security of the jobsite and its access. Talk about who will have access to your site or property and when. Essentially, discuss all security measures that you will have in place like signs and fences.

Contacts and Communication

Get a full list of the email addresses and phone numbers that you can use to contact the contractor or employees that will mostly be onsite. Ensure that your contractor has all the necessary information they need to contact you. Additionally, find out how the contractor will communicate details of your project.

In addition, talk about how scheduling and billing will be done. Also know who will get permit for the project and when. If you have questions regarding how your project shall be handled, talk about it before the project starts. Be transparent and honest with the contractor to avoid trouble down the road.